About us

How did Tokyo Crazy start?

All started in 2010 with a French-Japanese couple : Loic & Yumi. Their online adventure began when they were living in Naha, Okinawa. At the time they had a first online shop specialized in products from Okinawa (food, glassware...). 
Back near Nagoya, in Aichi prefecture, they decided to open a new online shop and started to look for new ideas. During the few previous years they got emails from friends who were looking for Japanese decoration objects which were quality items made in Japan. At the time there were many online shops selling Japanese products but only a few of them and even none were selling Japanese decoration items which were original, top quality and guaranty made in Japan. This is how the idea of the online shop Tokyo Smart borned
After months of products research, website developing and testing, the shop went on line on the 2d of August 2010.

Since december 2013, it's a new French-Japanese team, installed in Tokyo and sharing the same love for Japanese hand craft, who are in charge of Tokyo Smart.
Since then, as Loic and Yumi did, we continue to travel the different prefectures looking for new beautiful japanese arts and crafts
In order to make sure of the quality of all articles we sell, we meet many makers and craftsmen before making a decision.

Tokyo Crazy was launched in November 2015, for providing the best of Japanese Pop Culture items.
Our main priorities is the quality of our service and we do our best to give you a great customer experience, we aim to bring the Japanese level of service overseas!

If you are looking for a specific item which is not in our website please contact us and we will search it for you. 

How to contact us:

By email through our contact form

By postal mail:
Tokyo Crazy
2-5-11 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku
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