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  • Hina Ningyo Dolls

    New condition, only one set in stockDimensions: Empress 21,5 cm (height) x 27 cm (length) x 27 cm (width) (8.5in x 10.6in x 10.6in)Emperor 22,5 cm (height) x 29 cm (length) x 19 cm (width) (8.9in x 11in x 7.5in) Including the two dolls with their accessories: traditional hat, fan, sword, ritual baton and two tatami (21 cm x 27 cm or 8.3in x 10.6in) to...

  • Samurai Wakamusha

    New productCan't be shipped in small packet, only economy SAL or EMS shipping.Glass case disassembled and sent without the glasses because too fragile (easy to make in HomeCenter)Dimensions: 48 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm ( 19 in x 15 in x 12 in) Made in Japan.

  • Samurai Taishou

    Second-hand product, like-new condition, no missing pieces and without scratches.Sell without glass case (fragile)Estimation of the product sold as new: 39.000yens (~$350, €305)Can't be shipped in small packet, only economy SAL or EMS shipping.Dimensions: 53,5 cm x 34 cm x 40,5 cm Made in Japan.

  • Big Kabuto Ryuu

    Second-hand product (only one in stock), almost new condition, lack of one rivet into an inside corner (not viewable and with no consequences in the helmet maintaining)Can't be shipped in small packet, only economy SAL, EMS express or Surface (boat) shipping mode.Materials: metal, leather, clothSize: H67 cm x 53 cm x 35 cm  (26 in x 21 in x 14 in)Made in...

  • Kabuto Ryuto Tsuki

    Second-hand product (only one in stock), like new condition, no missing pieces and without scratches. Estimation of the product sold as new: 70 000yens (~$840, €560)Helmet size: 25 cm x 15,5 cm x 20 cm (10 in x 6 in x 8 in)Black wooden lacquered box : 29.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 20 cm (11,4 in x 9,6 in x 7.9 in)Made in Japan

  • Furoshiki Hina Matsuri

    Size: 50 x 50 cm /  19.7 x 19.7inMaterial: 100% cottonMade in Japan