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Takeda Shingen

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Type : Shingata kokeshi

Wood : Dogwood

Dimensions : 15 cm (6inches)

Handmade and handpainted in Japan

A Kokeshi who inspires respect ! Takeda Shingen was one of the major daimyō (feudal Governor) of Japan. He lived from 1521 to 1573 and led the expansion of his province, the current Yamanashi prefecture, where stands Mount Fuji.

Comes with a wood panel on which it is registered the name of "Takeda Shingen" in Japanese.

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Absolutely stunning beautifully made the detail is breathtaking. The Japanese dedication to everything they produce is always outstanding.


Takeda Shingen

We ordered Takeda Shingen along with Haru no Yume, Noren Minna de Otsukimi and Noren Shichi Fukujin. They arrived earlier than expected and were packed very beautifully and carefully. They all look amazing and even better than the pictures. True Japanese craftsmanship!


Takeda Shingen

Très jolie kokeshi mêlant à la fois la finesse du travail des artisans et le caractère guerrier du personnage représenté. Je suis très satisfaite de mon achat.

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Takeda Shingen

Takeda Shingen